Which humidifier do I need?

If you want to find out if you need a humidifier

Buy a thermohygrometer. The ideal humidity for most normal situations is between 40-60% relative humidity. If the thermohygrometer reads below this you probably need a humidifier. If it reads above this you may need a dehumidifier.

If you need to humidify a single room

Select the Carina evaporative humidifier by Stylies for areas up to 35m2 or the Aquarius filterless humidifier for areas up to 50m2.

If you need to humidify a large area like a whole floor of a house

For areas up to 65m2 the Oskar evaporative humidifier by Stadler Form is a popular and stylish option.

If you need to humidify an office or large commercial area

Select the AxAir LBV45 humidifier for larger areas up to 300m2. If you need a more permanent solution to your dry air problems then we also supply a range of industrial wall-mounted humidifiers from our parent company JS Humidifiers. However, these need expert installation and mostly require 3-phase power supply.

If you need a very quiet system for use in a bedroom

Select the Aquarius filterless or Carina evaporative humidifier. All these systems run at under 25dB(a).

If you want something that has very low running costs

Select an evaporative humidifier like Oskar black humidifier or any other evaporative humidification system. Other systems that heat the water to produce steam or warm mist will require higher levels of power.

If you want to avoid buying ongoing spare parts like filters or evaporative cartridges

Select the Aquarius filterless humidifier by Stylies in either black or white as they do not require any consumable parts. Please note all humidifiers still need to be cleaned and maintained.

If you want to relieve symptoms of Croup or other respiratory illnesses

Select a steam humidifier like the Boneco AOSS150 steam humidifier.

If you would like to purify the air as well as humidify

Choose an air washer, such as the Aquarius filterless humidifier by Stylies which will also purify the air through washing it during the humidification process. You will see just how effective this is when you empty the unit – the dirt from the atmosphere will be in the unit’s water tank. By humidifying an atmosphere you will also suppress dust, further improving your environment.

If you want a unit that will automatically control the output and maintain a set humidity

Select either the Aquarius filterless or the Orion evaporative humidifier by Stylies for small domestic areas as they incorporate internal humidistats and allow you to program in your desired humidity. For larger commercial areas the Defensor PH15 humidifier comes with built in digital humidistat. Alternatively select any of our humidifiers and use it with a thermohygrometer, which will turn off the power to the unit when a set humidity is reached and reactivate it when the humidity drops. This is especially recommended for use with our steam humidifiers to avoid over humidification.

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