Industrial 24inch Drum Fan

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Industrial 24inch Drum Fan
* * * * * by Sinclair on 18th July 2011

Excellent product and good value for money.

Industrial 24inch Drum Fan
* * * * * by Howard on 13th October 2010

I don't think it produces anything like the flowrate given in the spec -- perhaps 1/3, or 1/2 at most.

Industrial 24inch Drum Fan
* * * * * by Andy on 23rd July 2010

Product does exactly waht is expected - straight out of the box it made such a difference to our workshop and the guys working there were realyy pleased. the ordering process was easy and the delivery was exactly as promised. Great easy service and a product that works. Thanks.

Industrial 24inch Drum Fan
* * * * * by Tim on 19th June 2010

Now that is what I call power. A little noisy for the environment we wanted to use it for but I guess no more than expected given the size of the unit. Very very light weight and easy to move around. Great product, amazing service and for us at least, above all the price was perfect and so much cheaper than other sites.

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