Croup, respiratory illnesses & humidifiers

The air in modern double-glazed houses can be very dry during the winter months, when central heating systems warm the atmosphere and reduce its humidity level. This has implications for healthy individuals but for people with respiratory illnesses it can make their condition a lot worse.


Children who are suffering from croup or any other infection of the cords and upper trachea, may find relief from symptoms by being in the same room as a steam humidifier. A unit such as the Boneco AOSS150 steam humidifier can help reduce the stridor, a type of harsh breathing noise, and coughing that go along with croup.


A healthy level of humidity will help thin mucus so it can be coughed up more easily helping to relieve respiratory symptoms of cystic fibrosis.


The congestion and coughing associated with respiratory syncytial virus infection can be relieved by sitting in a well humidified room.


The coughing associated with asthma can be relieved by using a steam humidifier. Read a letter from a customer who was very pleased with the results of using our humidifier.

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