AP281 HEPA Air Purifier & Ioniser



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Features & Benefits

  • HEPA air purifier
  • Suitable for rooms up to 16m
  • Lightweight at just 2.3kgs
  • LED control panel display
  • 2 speed settings
  • 1, 2 or 4 hour off timer
  • HEPA filter
  • Carbon pre-filter
  • Built-in ioniser
  • Quiet operation
  • Low power consumption just 35W less than a light bulb
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Dimensions: H320mm x W250mm x D140mm



The AP281 has clean, simple lines and straightforward controls. It is ideal for use in bedrooms, living rooms and other rooms up to 16m².

How it works

Air is drawn into the air purifier and through two filters. The first an active carbon pre-filter eliminates odours and harmful gases such as formaldehyde. This filter has a special silver coating which kills most bacteria on contact. The second filter, a HEPA, captures airborne particles such as dust, dirt, pollen, animal dander and mould spores. It is 99.97% effective at removing particles as small as 0.3 microns.

The AP281 also has an ioniser which discharges negative ions to combine with and further remove dust, bacteria and mildew.


There are two speed settings allowing you to adjust the air flow according to the level of contamination and a timer which can be set to turn the purifier off after 1, 2 or 4 hours.


The air purifier needs very little maintenance in itself, just a quick wipe with a soft cloth to remove any dust.

The active carbon and HEPA filters will need replacing when the carbon filter no longer removes smells or at least every 6 to 9 months. Replacement filters can be purchased in our Multi-Buy Deals below or please click here.

Dimensions: H320mm x W250mm x D140mm (H12.6mm x W9.8in x D5.5in)
Weight: 2kg
Power consumption: 35W
Voltage: 220-240V / 50Hz
Product code: AP281

Customer Reviews

* * * * *

Review by Lorelei Fray, posted on 2nd September 2012.

This unit is just what we were looking for...we are expecting our first baby in 2 months and I wanted to ensure great breathing air for baby! We keep it running pretty much all the time and it has improved the air quality in our room tremendously!

* * * * *

Review by Jon Prosser, posted on 28th August 2012.

Seems to work well - room smells much better and the air seems cleaner to breathe.

* * * * *

Review by Iris Richards, posted on 12th August 2012.

I am extremely pleased with the benefit I have received by using the Air Purifier - I have only had it for a week or so and feel much better already.

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* * * * *

Review by Mark Wheater, posted on 8th August 2012.

Great product. Helped our child sleep much better and eased her nasal problems caused by tree spores. Would recommend to anyone.

* * * * *

Review by Susan Murray, posted on 16th June 2012.

I would like to thank you for your service and your prompt replies to any queries I had on this unit. The unit is most efficient and caters for all my needs, I certainly can breath much easier just after one day of using it, mostly used at night time when sleeping, I find I have no broken sleep patterns anymore !!! Considering we have 5 show dogs within the home this little unit works very efficiently. I turn it on low during the daytime and turn it up during the evenings. I shall definately return to you and tell my family and friends to take a look at your site ... Thank you once again for your time and service. Very best regards, Susan Murray.

* * * * *

Review by Tom Wesel, posted on 30th December 2011.

This item is excellent for a bedroom. We used it to kill cigarette smoke coming through the chimney from the house next door. It worked brilliantly and the air was markedly fresher generally. It does make a slight fan noise but it is not a disturbing one.

* * * * *

Review by Kasim Mahmood, posted on 23rd August 2011.

Great product, has helped with my breathing , really does feel like you are breathing fresh air.

* * * * *

Review by Janice Horton, posted on 30th June 2011.

Bought this item for my husband who suffers badly with hayfever symptoms. it has been most helpful - glad i bought it for him, seems to help a lot.

* * * * *

Review by mohamed hanslod, posted on 6th June 2011.

Fills the whole office with fresh air, its small so can fit anywhere, a good product for when the weathers humid in central London

* * * * *

Review by mariela ruseva, posted on 12th March 2011.

very good for travellers we have holiday house and i use it just for the bedroom when outside in gardens people start burn grass or leaves and the air is not fresh.very quiet,but must be put on for max 4h before you go to bed.

* * * * *

Review by Maria Kelenchuk, posted on 8th November 2010.

Works well. Good value for money. I use it in my doughter's bedroom. Maria.

* * * * *

Review by Peter Lovell, posted on 25th August 2010.

The unit was purchased for use in a caravan, the size and shape of the unit is perfect so as not to be intrusive. Very quiet fan compared to other units, smart looking and very effective. Would recommend it for smaller rooms.