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This is a replacement evaporator mat for the AOS2441 evaporative humidifier.

These filters should not be washed or wrung out.

Old filters can be disposed of in normal household waste.

Product code: AOS2441MAT
Service life: 2-3 months

Customer Reviews

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Review by Richard Senior, posted on 6th November 2012.

Have not used the filter yet, but judging by the previous one (just fitted) I would say that the 2441 is now working better than when it was new! Go figure! Anyway, 5 stars....

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Review by Richard Senior, posted on 2nd July 2012.

Not in use yet; RH back up to normal.

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Review by Luita Lin, posted on 26th July 2011.

Missing a star as it is a necessary maintenance cost, but works great. However, would consider purchasing the Boneco Filterless Humidifier in future due to the fact that the costs you would save in filters over time would mean the Boneco would pay for itself.

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Review by Paul Hammacott, posted on 30th October 2010.

I would recommend this item and the affiliated humidifier unit to anyone in need of maintaining a comfortable level of moisture in their home.

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Review by Szabolcs Kopanyi, posted on 4th July 2010.

Could last a bit longer, but probably this only shows how intensely they work.